Monday, February 18, 2013

Samuel - 9 Months

The day you turned 8 months, it snowed!  We bundled you up and took you outside so you could see what that white stuff was all about.  I think you would have been just as happy indoors :).  Nevertheless, we got some pictures of you with your first snow before Mommy had to go to work, since snowfall is few and far between here in Mississippi! 
This month you have really started crawling and can go just about anywhere you want to go!  By the end of your 8th month, you had started to pull up on things.  Watch out world!!  You tried lots of new foods this month, including avocado, watermelon, eggs, pancakes, and a little pasta.  You still love your pureed fruits and veggies, sippy cups of apple juice mixed with water, and your bottles.   I think sippy cups may be your favorite before too long, but for now you still take a bottle easily.   You typically sleep from 9-10 hours a night, although at the beginning of this month you went through a wonder week and woke up several times a night for a few nights.  After the wonder week was over, you learned to crawl and started 'talking' more, so the sleepless nights were worth it :).

Ready for church!

We love Saturday lunch with Daddy!
You got to see your Uncle Doug catch a fish, and you saw your first ever bream up close and personal.  You thought it was funny :). 

Seeing your first fish
Hey, y'all!

You went to see your 'cousin' Maya this month!  She is just over 4 months younger than you, and I am excited you two will grow up together.  You had lots of fun, and tried to hold her hand a lot :).

Maya and Samuel
Your 'Aunt' K'Anna got married this month, and we had you all decked out in a white button up with a tie, a blazer jacket and a hat!  There are a good many pictures from that night, so I will save it for another post. 

Daddy's birthday was this month, just 2 days before you turned 9 months old.  His birthday is on Valentine's Day, and we celebrated big this year!  More about that on my next month's post since we had his party the day you turned 9 months :).  But Daddy was super sweet and thought of mommy on his birthday!  I got beautiful flowers, and a pedicure gift card!

Other fun things that happened this month:

Showing Pops how you can stand up

Silly boy!

Just watching the world go by!

Jerry's Fish House with the Hausers.  You and
your Pastor Ed!

You love your Mrs. Patti!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Samuel - 8 Months

Your 7th month was probably your busiest month yet!  We had Izzy's ballet performance on the day you turned 7 months, then there were all kinds of Christmas get together's to attend!  You took it all in stride though, and seemed to really enjoy yourself.  

You really 'enjoyed' the ballet :)

At Julep after Izzy's ballet

There is a long standing tradition to go to Aunt Emma and Aunt Nell's for Christmas Eve.  That is the Hemphill family Christmas.  It's so much fun every year and I was very excited for you to be a part of the tradition this year.  You wore your Elf onesie and Elf hat since you would be 'Santa's Helper' this year.  Daddy and I even rushed to take you for your picture with Santa before we went to the great Aunts'.  We were the last people to be let into the line, and I'm so thankful they decided to let us in!

Samuel with Aunt Emma

Samuel with Aunt Nell

The Hemphill gang!

Sweet sisters

On Christmas morning you opened your presents from Daddy and me, as well as your stocking.  I know this year was more fun for us than for you as far as opening presents goes, but you really liked your toys and that's all we could hope for!

So much fun!!
So much fun, in fact, that a nap
was in order!
Then it was time to get dressed in your Santa outfit and go to Mimi's house for the Redditt family Christmas! We decided to get your picture in front of the tree first...  Yeah, that didn't turn out so well :). 

Happy because you finally got the ornament
off the tree!

Chillin' in your walker 

This one cracks me up!  Talking to pops

You love your rocking horse from Nana, along
with all the other awesome presents you were
given by your family!

Other fun things that happened this month:

Aunt K'Anna and Bren came over to see us!

Mommy got the flu so we sent you to your Mimi's in hopes that you would keep from getting sick.  You had a fun time with Mimi!

Smiling for Mimi at bedtime

Mimi gives the best toys!

But alas, you got the flu anyway :(.  So you came home and we gave you Tamiflu to help you get better quicker.  Mommy felt so bad for 'sharing' her germs with you.

Sweet sick baby with the prettiest blue eyes

We finally started to feel a little better

 Once we were both over the flu, it was time to get going again at our normal pace!  We almost never missed a beat :).

Holding Julie's 'hand' while you bounced

Shopping with Mama and Nana for a bridesmaid dress
for Mama for Aunt K'Anna's wedding

You fell asleep in church just like this.  Cutest
thing ever!

And before we left church you had to 'flirt' with Ms. Ava!

Playing with Monty.  Such a sweet dog!

Silly mommy and baby

Hey Julie!

You found the baby on the fridge :)

These moments melt my heart.  Your cheeks and
mouth are so very perfect

Reading with Nana

You were just so intent!

Your first sippy cup!!

 You drank out of your first sippy cup at the end of this month!  Angie said you weren't sure at first, but you seemed to like it.  You also had your first bite of grits and eggs!  My gracious where has the time gone...All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better 7th month for you!  The blessings just keep coming and coming!